A[I]rchitectural Minds


Spectr[al]s of Nature

new work in progress

Today, urbanization has caused profound interventions that affect deep temporal and spatial planetary scales while clinging to inaptly shallow views of their implications. This limited time-and-space literacy keeps us alienated, not only from nature but also from the long-term and expansive consequences of our actions. The project intends to create an experience that embeds the audience in planetary cycles and rhythms of the natural resources that usually remain invisible as they exceed human perception and remain stories untold. Notably, the project approaches remote sensing technology as a speculative instrument that creates spectral landscapes using neural networks that have not yet been recorded as they are distributed across space and time. Specter[al]s of Nature wants to use earth observation research results and remote sensing technology to pursue an exploration of the natural environment on a planetary scale beyond the limits of our senses.


artist: Ingrid Mayrhofer-Hufnagl

scientific collaborators: Alan Belward (JRC, Sustainable Resources), Luca de Felice (JRC, Geospatial Data Scientist), Elahe Rajabiani (Design for Policy – EU Policy Lab), Maciej Krzysztofowicz (JRC, Foresight)

curators: Adriaan Eeckels, Caterina Benincasa, Ioannis Vakalis, Naouma Kourti, Virginia Bernardi, Claudia Schnugg, and Ingeborg Reichle

The project is part of Resonances Project IV: NatureArchy at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.