A[I]rchitectural Minds



new work in progress

The project considers materials as living matter (with nature as co-creator) that transform and change their form and composition over time and eventually turn into an input for renewal and compose new matter.
The project is inspired by Donna Haraway’s statement “We are all compost”. Haraway utilizes the concept of composting, the process of transforming organic waste into fertile soil, as a metaphor to convey a distinct narrative about the future of the planet beyond the human era. Instead of embracing the term  “posthumanism,” Haraway introduces “posthumus,” emphasizing the importance of establishing a meaningful relationship with the earth’s soils. By doing so, she challenges the negative connotations associated with composting and encourages us to rethink how all living beings on the planet can coexist harmoniously. In essence, Haraway stresses the significance of understanding what kind of materials contribute to this transformative composting process, highlighting the critical role of every element in creating a sustainable and interconnected life for the planet.


research team: Ingrid Mayrhofer-Hufnagl, Ingrid Ogenstedt, Jonah Lynch

scientific collaborators: Jaime Gomez Ramirez  (REA, complex resilient systems), Arwyn Jones (JRC, Sustainable Resources, Soil Lab), and Calogero Schillaci (JRC, Sustainable Resources, Soil Lab)

curators: Adriaan Eeckels, Caterina Benincasa, Ioannis Vakalis, Naouma Kourti, Virginia Bernardi, Claudia Schnugg, and Ingeborg Reichle

The project is part of Resonances Project IV: NatureArchy at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.