A[I]rchitectural Minds

Writings & Talks




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From Linear to Manifold Interpolation: Exemplifying the paradigm shift through interpolation”, Conference: 41st Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe), Technical University, Graz
“La cittá neutral e I suoi abitanti.” Resilienze Festival Bologna, Italy
“Spectr[al]s of Nature”, Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission, Ispra, Italy
Versi-pellis [versiˈpɛlːis]: Searching Earth for Alien Habitable Environments” , subnetTALK, Center for Human Computer Interaction, Salzburg, Austria
“Spatial Hybrids”  Collage of Architecture, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA
Deep Image: /reimagine” School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


“On Research in Architecture”, Forschungstage 2022, futurelab, Technical University Vienna.
Architectural Space in the Mind of the Machine”, Hani Rashid Studio, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
“Generating Spatial Hybrids with 3DGANs”, ACADIA 2022, UPENN Weitzman School – University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA
“A short history of AI in Architecture”, Digital Futures,  online