A[I]rchitectural Minds


AIM is a highly collaborative practice that embraces research-driven design processes and experimental work in a team-based environment (human and non-human agents alike).

We are interested in truly unique design challenges that require new thinking and processes.

We strongly believe in the synthetic possibilities of architecture, art, technology and nature to transform challenges into opportunities.

Upcoming & Recent Events

EXHIBITION Resilienze Festival June, 2023 Bologna
subnetTALK, Center for Human-Computer Interaction, University of Salzburg April, 2023 Salzburg
RESIDENCY at the JRC of the European Commission Jan-June, 2023 Ispra/Brussels
ceremony and AWARDING of the Tyrolean Science Fund Jan, 2023 Innsbruck
final reviews Studio Hani Rashid, IOA Jan, 2023 Vienna
RESEARCH PROJECT kick-off - International Research Cooperation with Polis University Jan, 2023 Tirana/Vienna
SPEAKER at the Research Conference at the Technical University of Vienna Nov, 2022 Vienna
featured at ACADIA Conference Oct, 2022 Philadelphia
invited EXPERT at JRC of the European Commission (Foresight study on: Long-term Implications of the Digital Transition for Rural Communities) Sept, 2022 Brussel
we are part of this year's DIGITAL FUTRES 2022 July, 2022 online
invited ARTIST at JRC SciArt Resonances IV on NatureArchy June, 2022 Ispra