A[I]rchitectural Minds


Legendary Lands: On new planetary Imaginaries

Even the planet itself has been completely encrusted by design as a geological layer.  … design has become the world.”

(Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley. Are we human?)

The extent of a city that we study is beyond our understanding, yet when we examine even a tiny part of it, we uncover innumerable interconnections, architecturally, historically, socially, biologically, geologically, technologically, infrastructurally, etc. It is easy to see and examine each in its silos and as an enclosed system. However, even 

the smallest of the (eco-)systems blend with others across the planet, altering their composition within. This series represents a collection of samples taken from synthetic environments that appear isolated and defined but actually blend into something more significant. Authoring formats, empathy, and invisible, thereby creating new spatial constellations of cohabitation of human, machine, and other species formed through the meta domain of a new formal language. The artwork points to a possible future in which the clear boundaries between human and the other might blur to make way for a new many-species society.  cohabitation. The artwork collides the human and the non-human, the visible and defined but actually blend into something more significant.


on the cover of the Special issue of the International Journal of Architectural Computing on the topic: AI, architecture, accessibility, and data justice.